What is RESuLT?

RESuLT is a social learning theory based programme for children's homes staff which enables them to develop the skills needed to respond appropriately to children, balancing behaviour management with helping young people develop self-efficacy and skills to be successful beyond leaving care.

Please do watch our short video, which explains our work with children, families, local authorities and charitable organisations across the UK and beyond. 

RESuLT - An evidence based intervention for children's homes.

What is the NIS?

A centre of excellence, the National Implementation Service provides evidence based and research informed training. We support children’s social care, youth offending services, children's mental health teams and the voluntary sector across the UK to radically improve support for vulnerable children and their families. 
We have over a decade of experience in assisting sites with the development and implementation of TFCO-UK programmes.

National Implementation Service

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RESuLT is an evidence informed team-based training that teaches social learning theory skills and brain science.

It trains residential childcare workers in methods of developing relational skill building, and was recommended by the recent Independent Residential Care Review, (Narey 2016) which stated: 'Commissioners should look for evidence that providers offer continuing staff development, particularly through team-based training. And DfE should advise commissioners about the RESuLT programme and similar team approaches, which are likely to prove effective in developing staff'.