DfE Innovation Programme funding an independent evaluation of RESuLT - Due to report in May 2016

There is currently an Independent Evaluation of RESuLT underway funded by the DfE’s Social Care Innovation Programme. The evaluation plan produced by Ipsos MORI with the Universities of Loughborough and Bristol uses a mixed methods design to conduct a process, impact and economic evaluation. The evaluation is due to report May 2016.

The impact investigation element of the independent evaluation is concentrating on short-term outcomes for young people, including the numbers of young people in each home who, for example, have a planned or unplanned move to a new placement, are temporarily or permanently excluded from school, missing overnight, or reported to police for a recorded offence. Outcome data for individual young people is being gathered at the outset of the training programme and 4 months after its completion, and includes individual characteristics of young people, emotional and behavioural factors, risk behaviour, educational outcomes, family contact, and young people’s subjective perceptions of well-being.