'Each Monday reignites my interest and passion in my work' - Residential Child Care Worker on being part of RESuLT

Implementing any evidence based intervention involves more than just training.

Once you have decided that the intervention is the right one for your staff and following a thorough needs analysis process, the National Implementation Service (NIS) will guide you through the stages of implementation. These include:

  • Feasibility and Readiness checks
  • Stakeholder collaboration and support
  • RESuLT model fidelity requirements
  • Staffing requirements
  • 10 week whole team training
  • Consultation based on video review
  • Programme evaluation
  • Two day RESuLT supervision training for managers and senior staff
  • On-going quality assurance

There will normally be a number of telephone calls and at least one site visit to go through these stages, to meet with key staff and to discuss how the intervention will be delivered. 

Training in delivering the intervention and consultation will be provided by consultants from the NIS.